Thyroid cancer is the type of cancer that is growing in the tissues of the thyroid glands. It is seen through the nodule or lump which appears on the neck region. It is more commonly found in females as compared to men. Thyroid cancer can even spread to different organs of the body like bones, lungs, brain, and liver.





This type of cancer is the most commonly found thyroid cancer in people. Papillary thyroid cancer is most common in females as compared to men. People who are aged between 30 to 50 years are more prone to this type of cancer.75% to 85% of people having thyroid cancer have papillary thyroid cancer. It is curable but it is cured slowly;y and gradually.

It is seen through the lump in your neck region.

Swollen lymph nodes are seen which gives difficulty to swallow food. Pain in the neck region is also felt.

This type of cancer is caused due to radiation exposure, iodine deficiency in the diet.

Papillary thyroid cancer could be treated through blood tests, ultrascan, or biopsy.

It could even be treated through surgery as if one part of the neck region is having thyroid cancer so through surgery that one part will be removed.

After surgery,person has to take one thyroid hormone pill throughout his life.

Follow up checkup care is required through blood tests after every 6 months and one thyroid hormone pill throughout life is to be taken.




This type of cancer is second most commonly found thyroid cancer.It is generally found in women who are aged over 50 years or above.25% cases of people having thyroid cancer suffers from follicular thyroid cancer.Follicular cells are responsible for production of thyroid hormones.This type of cancer is difficult to diagnose because it needs surgical treatment.

It can be diagnosed through biopsy.

Follicular thyroid cancer is caused due to radiation exposure and lack of iodine.

This cancer creates breathing problem,sneezing and coughing and voice also becomes rough.




This type of thyroid cancer is very rarely found.It is found in people who had inherited from their genes. Though only 1/3 of the family history carries this kind of cancer and 2/3 is free from this.It is seen through the lump in the throat.this type of cancer can harm vocal cords.Medullary thyroid cancer can even spread to other organs of the body such as liver,lungs,bones.

Medullary thyroid cancer could be treated through surgery or biopsy.

Follow up is necessary.




This is usually inherited form of cancer.It is mostly found in old aged people who are 60 years and above.At this age,thyroid cancer is difficult to be treated.This type of cancer is due to uncontrolled growth of cells.It is found in only 1% to 2% of people having thyroid cancer.This type of cance ris seen through the redness or swelling on the neck region or neck enlargement which inturn makes difficult to breathe.It can even cause coughing with little blood.




– Inherited from genes.

– Due to exposure to radiations.

– Deficiency of iodine in diet.

– Mostly found in females.


 symptoms if THYROID CANCER?


– Appearance of nodule on the neck region.

-Rough or harsh voice.

-Difficult to swallow food or liquid.

-Coughing or sneezing with great difficulty.

-Swollen lymph nodes.

-Pain in neck region.


DOCTORS diagnose thyroid cancer


ENDOCRINOLOGIST – Thyroid gland is a part of endocrine system so a person should visit to endocrinologist.

ONCOLOGIST – Doctor for cancer treatments.

FAMILY DOCTOR- A family doctor can ask you for the blood test to diagnose thyroid cancer.




BLOOD TEST- A special blood test can diagnose thyroid caner.


ULTRASOUND- An ultrascan can be taken for clear pic of the lump to diagnose thyroid cancer.


BIOSPY- Doctor take a needle test to take a sample of nodule to check it for cancer.




SURGERY- If one part of the neck region is having then that part is removed through surgery.


RADIOACTIVE IODINE ABLATION (RAI) – It is a one time treatment when you take a pill with radioactive iodine . It kills all thyroid cells present.


THYROID HORMONE PILLS- After surgery,take one pill throughout the life.




– Add fiber to the diet

– Take iodine rich diet

– Avoid radiation exposures.

– Give rest to your body.




The most commonly used medicines in Thyroid cancer are

CABOMETYX(Cabozantinib) , LENVIMA (Lenvatinib) and SORAFENEB (Sorafenib)





1.SOFIA VERGARA- A  well known actress who was 28 years old was diagnosed from thyroid cancer and she underwent a surgery and now is all well.

2.ROD STEWART- HE is a British ROCK Singer and undergone a biopsy to cure his thyroid cancer.

3.BROOKE BURKE CHARVET-She is the co host of ”THE DANCING WITH STARS” was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2012 and then she undergone a surgery and has been now asked to take thyroid hormone pills throughout her life.

4.KATEE SACKHOFF- She is renowned TV actress who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009.she is now all well and has been adviced to follow up check up after every 6 months.