NGO aids cancer treatment in India

Insufficient funds are a major drawback for cancer patients because the survival of cancer patients depends on early diagnosis and proper access to medical treatment, and it is a harsh reality that most patients die due to the unaffordability of treatment. Here is a list of the top 10 NGOs that provide various facilities to cancer patients and take care of their overall needs.

St. Jude India’s Child Care Center

Patients who are undergoing treatment, especially children who travel from one city to another for treatment along with their parents. This Mumbai-based NGO helps in providing alleviation for cancer-affected children. Moving to another city for medical treatment is not easy, it is difficult to settle. Because of this they generally end up on the streets throughout treatment and put themselves in danger of developing secondary diseases. In such conditions, St. Jude India’s Child Care Center provides these families a safe environment in which the patients and their families may receive the nutritional and emotional assistance they need to go through the therapy. They ensure that families are free of all myths around their child's health through counseling, educational, and recreational sessions.

Grace Cancer Foundation

This foundation organizes cancer awareness campaigns in rural regions and conducts free tests for cancer patients in order to advise them on the necessary precautions. Grace Cancer Foundation was also awarded the Guinness World Record for conducting cancer tests for 1,69,668 people in a single day in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. To provide all the possible outcomes for cancer patients this organization is actively working by:

  • Conducting programs in partnership with government and non-government organizations, that will help to improve the health of cancer patients. 

  • Developing cancer screening facilities and make them available to the general public in all sections of society.

  • Raising funds for needy cancer patients of all types. No patient should be denied treatment due to a lack of financial resources.

Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI)

Through free cancer detection/screening camps, the GCCI (Global Cancer Concern India) raises public awareness about cancer. It also provides free mobile palliative home care services to terminally ill low-income patients. Furthermore, it looks after the patient's family by providing vocational training to one of their family members. To lower the financial burden this organization also offers support under their Child sponsorship program, in which they provide extended financial assistance by contributing to the school fees of children of the patient. 

Swastava Cancer Care

This organization spreads cancer awareness among the poor and assists them in receiving timely treatment. People who live in rural areas are often unaware of cancer symptoms and must travel to a city for treatment. As a result, Swastava cancer care organizes educational camps for women and other people and gives them knowledge on types of cancers such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and oral cancer. Cases of the mentioned cancers are on a rise in Telangana to prevent the people, this organization spreads awareness through their camps and teaches them how to do a self-examination for cancer detection. 

Indian Cancer Society

This foundation organizes a number of programs to raise awareness of the disease, its risk factors, prevention, treatment options, and provide counseling to patients. They also provide mobile cancer detection camps where patients can get early cancer screenings. They not only provide financial assistance to the poor, but they also provide housing, therapy, and counseling support groups. ICS (Indian Cancer Society) has constantly provided assistance to a large number of underprivileged cancer patients. This NGO also operates a cancer registry, which provides detailed data and projected reports on the occurrence of cancer.

The information is subsequently shared with the medical community via the Indian Journal of Cancer.

DEAN Foundation, Hospice and Palliative Care Centre

This foundation provides palliative care (specialized medical care given to patients who are suffering from serious illnesses like cancer) to the affected sections of society in Chennai and other neighboring districts. They assist the poor, homeless, and afflicted women and children who are suffering from cancer and live in poverty. Through the finest quality hospice care, DEAN Foundation strives to be attentive and responsive to the unique needs of each person and their family. This NGO has assisted in the treatment of over 10,000 cancer patients. They have treated over 1,500 children with cancer through their Paediatric Palliative Care Project.

HelpAge India

This organization has supported elderly cancer patients through a separate unit dedicated to cancer care. They have aided the treatment of over 99,000 patients so far. This cancer patients' NGO in India also runs cancer awareness and detection programs in collaboration with a number of organizations and cancer hospitals. HelpAge India also provides various other medical facilities to patients. 

Charutar Arogya Mandal

This NGO treats patients from lower-income groups. The center provides multidisciplinary cancer care at low or no cost, with cancer experts who are experienced and compassionate. With proper treatment, several types of cancer in children have a survival rate of around 80%. Charutar Arogya Mandal provides the best therapies to the underprivileged at an affordable range of price. Under their program named Mukhyamantri Amrutam (MAA) and MAA Vatsalya Scheme, this trust offers treatment to marginalized members of society for severe illnesses such as cancer, cardiac disabilities, and many more.


This cancer care NGO provides free professional palliative care to patients with advanced-stage cancer (last-stage cancer) who have reached the end of their treatment options. Psychological and social support, rehabilitation therapies, counseling, and practical and financial help are all part of the treatment. It enables sufferers to live pain-free and peacefully. 

Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer

This organization works with patients from underprivileged communities, providing them with free medical care. It also inspires and stimulates patients to maintain a good attitude toward treatment and life. This cancer care trust is actively working to prevent cancer and diagnose it early, as well as giving care, counseling, and rehabilitation to cancer patients. Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer believes in encouraging patients that eventually help in improving the lives of cancer survivors in such a way that the patient feels positivity after the entire cancer experience and sees it as an opportunity to grow in life rather than a tragedy.

The above mentioned are some of the NGOs that are actively working to helps cancer patients in every possible way. This is not the complete list of NGOs that offer such services and facilities to cancer patients.