Learn what is a brain tumor & can a brain tumor be cured?

The growth of abnormal cells within the brain causes a brain tumor. Some cells are cancerous ( malignant) and some are non-cancerous ( benign).

Some are found only in the brain which is also known as PRIMARY BRAIN TUMOR.

Some abnormal cells that spread from the brain to other parts are known as a metastatic brain tumor or SECONDARY BRAIN TUMOR. The growth of tumors may vary from body to body as it grows gradually depending on which part of the brain it is found.

A brain is located in the head. It is the most complex organ of the body. It is a mass of nerve tissue. Also known as the center of learning. It consists of the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brainstem. The brain controls most of the activities of the body, processing, and coordinating the information.

The information received from sense organs is transmitted to other parts of the body through the brain.
The brain is protected by the skull bones of the head.


  1. MENINGIOMA - Brain Tumor arising from membranes of the brain and spinal cord. It accounts for around 20% of all brain tumors. It is usually found in people aged 70 - 80 years.
  2. SCHWANNOMA - Tumor found in the nerves of the brain. It accounts for 9 % of all brain tumors.
  3. PITUITARY ADENOMAS - Tumor found in the glands of the pituitary gland. 8% of brain tumor accounts for pituitary adenomas.
  4. HEMANGIOBLASTOMASA- Tumor found in the blood vessels of the brain. It is usually rarely found in a tumor with 2% of chances.
  5. CRANIOPHARYNGIOMA- This type of tumor is occurring mostly in children. It affects children from 5 to 14 years of age. Chances are 1% - 3%.
  6. CHOROID PLEXUS PAPILLOMA - Accounts to 1%, again found mostly in children, brain mass that blocks cerebrospinal fluid flow and could damage the functioning of the brain.
  7. ACOUSTIC NEUROMA - This type of tumor develops on nerves of the brain, that control balance, and hearing leading from minor ear to brain.
  8. ASTROCYTOMA - This is the most common type of tumor found in people. Around 50% - 60% accounts for all brain tumors. It may occur in many parts of the brain. Adults and younger children develop from astrocytes, star-shaped cells.
  9. BRAIN METASTASES- A Cancer that metastasized to the brain from another location in the body,i.e, lungs, breasts, colon, kidney, and melanoma. It accounts for about 10% - 20% of all brain tumors.
  10. EMBRYONIC TUMOR- Cancer that occurs in the testes or ovaries are embryonal carcinoma.
  11. EPENDYMONA- Tumor that arises from the central nervous system; mostly appearing in the spinal cord.

What are the symptoms of a brain tumor?

- Headache
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Changes in speech, vision, and hearing
- Memory problem
- Muscle jerk
- Numbness
- Change in personality
- Confusion
- Speech difficulty
- Seizure
- Bladder control problem

What is the cause of the brain tumor?

- Family history - If anyone in the family has suffered from a brain tumor, the chances increases.
- Exposure to radiation and chemicals
- Cancer in other parts - If cancer is found in other parts of the body, it is likely to spread in the brain.


- NEUROLOGIST - Treating diseases of the nervous system.
- ONCOLOGIST - Treating and diagnosis of cancer.


MRI - MAGNET RESONANCE IMAGING - It is done to diagnose brain tumors and to see the extent of its spread.
Neurological exam- It is a type of physical exam done to check vision, hair, nails.
CT Scan - Scanning is done to see the detailed images of the brain tumor.
PET - POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY- It is done to see the stage of the brain tumor, its size, location.
BIOPSY - A sample is taken of a tumor to check whether it is cancerous or non-cancerous.
When all diagnoses came positive than patients are too much worry and the first question arrived in their mind can brain tumors be cured or not?



A proper surgery is done to remove the tumor from that part of the brain.
This surgery has a minimum risk of complications. In this surgery, it is visualized before where the tumor is and then surgery is done according to that with the minimum cut.


High radiation rays are given to kill cancer cells inside the brain


Killing of cancer cells through medicines


Increasing the immune system of the body to kill cancer cells and preventing further increasing..


Exercise Regularly
Proper Sleep is necessary
A ketogenic nutrient-rich diet
Avoid mobile phones


TEMOTERO (Temozolomide)

Celebrities who get cured over a brain tumor

SHERYL CROW- Experienced a memory loss and was diagnosed with a brain tumor, underwent surgery, and overcome with a brain tumor.

MARY TYLER MOORE - In 2011, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, so she underwent surgery to remove a tumor meningioma.
ELIZABETH TAYLOR - She had a Benign brain tumor in 1997, and therefore had surgery and post chemotherapies.
LANCE ARMSTRONG - Was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was successfully removed by a neurosurgeon
MARK RUFFALO - In 2002, he was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma and was successfully cured by surgery.

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