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Abscess Drainage Catheter & Set


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Model No: ADC-01

Lengths: 22, 30 cm

Name: Abscess Drainage Catheter and Set

Material: Soft Polyurethane

Size(Fr): 6-16

Usage: Permanent and temporary abscess drainage

Product description

Abscess Drainage Catheter is used to remove infected fluid from the body. This effective method helps in draining the pus that improves the healing procedure of the patient. A thin soft tube is placed in the abscess and the drainage bag is attached to the tube. It allows to drain away from the infected fluid from the drainage site and after the whole procedure, the tube is removed.

The use of an abscess drainage catheter set may limit your activity after the catheter is inserted. The professionals will inform you about the instructions that you may need to follow based on the medical condition. 

Key Features

  • The pigtail tip & J shape configuration helps in the retention of the distal tip in the renal pelvis. 

  • Highly radiopaque for better visualization. 

Classification (Types of Abscess Drainage Catheter & Set)

  • J shape

  • Pigtail shape 


  • IP Needle

  • Guide wire

  • Dilators (fascial type)

  • Pigtail/Malecot drainage catheter 

  • Urine bag connector 

  • Scalpel & 3-way cock

Side Effects

  • Sepsis 

  • Bleeding

  • Oversedation

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