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AV Fistula


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Name: AV Fistula

Model no: AVF-04

Type: Hemodialysis Device

Diameter: 15/16/17 Ga

Length: 1 inch

A surgical connection established between an artery and a vein, created by a vascular specialist is known as Av Fistula. It is typically located in your arm but can also be located if on your leg, if necessary.  In order to increase the blood pressure and the amount of blood flowing in the vein, blood flows directly from the artery to the vein. The increased flow and pressure will cause the veins to enlarge and as they will enlarge, they will be able to deliver the essential amount of blood flow needed for an adequate hemodialysis treatment. AV fistulas can be relied upon for predictable performance and are less prone to infection and clotting, they also last longer than any other access type because of vascular access for long-term dialysis.

What are the advantages of AV Fistula?

The advantages of AV Fistula include:

  • Longer functionality than other types of vascular access.
  • To lower the duration of the treatment, it provides adequate blood flow for effective dialysis.
  • No implantation of Synthetic material
  • Rapid recovery and return to your daily activities.

How to recover from AV Fistula creation quickly?

AV Fistula creation is an outpatient procedure and is done under local anesthesia and typically, the patient is able to go home after few hours of completion of the procedure.

A few medicines are prescribed which generally include pain killers and anti-biotics, elevation of the arm is also preferred to reduce swelling or pain.

How is an AV Fistula created?

An evaluation of your blood vessels is done in order to ensure they are healthy to support the fistula which is done by physical examination performed by a vascular specialist. The next step includes a bunch of tests, mostly non-invasive or minimally invasive such as an ultrasound or an angiogram, if needed to find out the depth and size of your veins and whether they can support the fistula. Afterwards, general anesthesia is applied to the access site followed by your physician making a small incision and connecting an artery and a vein which increases blood flow thus, thickening the walls of the vein.

What sizes are available in AV Fistula Needle?

AV Fistula needle is available in diameter 15Ga, 16Ga, 17Ga with a length of 1inch. There are different wing types available like rotating wing and fixed wing.

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