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Name: Dialyzer

Type: Device

Model No: DLR-022

What is a dialyzer?

A dialyzer is a man-made filter consisting fine fibers. The fibers are hollow with microscopic pores in the wall, also known as semi-permeable dialysis membrane. To eradicate toxins during hemodialysis, a special dialysis-fluid flows through the filter, and bathes the fibers from the outside, while the blood flows through the hollow fiber. Due to the semi-permeable dialysis membrane, toxins, urea, and other tiny particles can pass through the membrane.

How does a Dialyzer work?

The relocation of metabolic toxins through the membrane into the dialysis fluid is based on natural processes. This process is known as diffusion. When blood and dialysis fluid with different concentrations of molecules are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, the molecules move through the membrane to the lower concentration. However, large proteins and blood cells are too big to pass though the small membrane-pores, so they stay in the blood.

What is a dialyzer used for?

A dialyzer, or artificial kidney, filters fluids and wastes from a patient's blood in need of dialysis. Reuse of a hemodialyzer means that the same hemodialyzer (filter) is used more than once for the same patient. Cleaning and disinfecting of the filter of dialyzer is necessary for prevention of diseases and infection.

What are the features of dialyzer?

The flows of dialysate blood are separated and countercurrent. The dialyzer has four ports, one inlet and one outlet port, each for blood and dialysate. The semipermeable dialysis membrane separates the blood compartment and the dialysate compartment. The transport processes across the membrane are diffusion (dialysis) and convection (ultrafiltration).

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