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Double J Stent


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Specifications - Double-J stent

Available in: one end multi-loop, open-end, closed-end, both end multi-loop

Sizes: 3 – 8 Fr

Model No: DJS-025

Name: Double-J stent

Lengths: 8 – 32 cm

  • Bioflex available for long-duration indwelling

  • Also available with marker pusher. 

Usage: Temporary internal drainage 

Manufacturer: SURU International Pvt. Ltd.

Product Description of Double-J Stent

The Double-J stent is a thin, hollow tube inserted into the ureter to ensure urine outflow from the kidney into the bladder. Both ends of the tube have J-shaped curves to keep it in place and prevent migration. It is a ureteral stent that has curved ends to keep it from slipping into the bladder or kidney. This medical equipment is used as temporary internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction to the bladder. The main feature of this medical device is highly radiopaque for better visualization and the stents are tapered at both ends that help easy insertion.

Adverse events 

A double J stent can cause the following adverse events after use: 

  1. Hematuria 

  2. Dysuria 

  3. Suprapubic pain 

  4. Severe pain

  5. Fever

  6. Chills 

  7. Irritative bladder 

  8. Infection 

  9. Stent fragmentation

  10. Blockage by encrustation


A double J stent is not intended for use in the following circumstances: 

  • Urinary bladder outlet obstruction

  • Fistulas 

  • Incontinence

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