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Femoral Input Sheath


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Name: Femoral Sheath

Model No: FNS-031

Type: Sheath

Length: 7/11/23cm

What is a Sheath?

The usage of radial artery is to gain arterial access and facilitate the insertion of catheters or other equipment for diagnostic and vascular interventions. Finally, radial artery spasm is a risk, necessitating routine use of antispasmodic medications.

Typical arrangements include:

  • Introducer Sheaths
  • Guiding Sheaths
  • Delivery Sheaths
  • Steerable Sheaths

What is Femoral Input Sheath?

Designed for simple insertions and for patient comfort, Input Introducer Sheaths are offered in Input PS and Input TS.

Accessing the coronary circulation using a catheter is not a very invasive process and is defined as coronary catheterization. Blood flowing through the heart is visualized using a special dye in this procedure.

The procedure begins with access to the femoral artery through the groin.

A needle is inserted through the skin into the femoral artery. The needle is taken out until a flash of blood appears.

What are the features of Femoral Input Sheath?

The features of Femoral Input Sheath include:

  • Kink-resistant system provides 60-degree sit-up comfort for patients with an obturator in place due to Sit up capability.
  • Prevention of dilator backout during insertion and secure attachment of sterile sleeve because of threaded dilator-to -hub interlock.
  • Advanced radiofrequency shaping technology creates a long, continuously smooth taper, for minimum resistance during insertions and is a result of enhanced tip geometry.
  • Input TS's exceptionally large internal geometries provide hemodynamic monitoring and fluid administration.
  • What sizes are available in Femoral Input Sheath?

Femoral Input Sheath is available in Sheath Length 7, 11, 23 cm and Fr sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

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