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Malaria Antigen


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Available Types 

Model No: MGN-048

pv/pf - 50 tests

pan/pf - 50 tests


A malaria whole blood antigen test is a rapid, qualitative examination or determination of Malaria antigen in human blood as help for in vitro diagnosis of Malaria infection. 


  • Check the expiry date on the test packet.

  • Put on the gloves.

  • Open the packet and remove the test, pipette, and desiccant. 

  • Clean the patient’s finger with the alcohol swab.

  • Prick the patient’s finger to get a drop of blood once it’s dry.

  • Discard the lancet immediately after pricking. 

  • Squeeze the bulb of the pipette and gently touch its tip to the drop of blood collected.

  • Now, release the bulb to draw blood up to the pipette’s first line.  

  • Touch the pipette’s tip to the sample hole marked “S”. 

  • Squeeze it to transfer the blood. 

  • Discard the pipette. 

  • Put 2 drops of buffer into the assay hole marked “A”. 

  • Wait for 20 minutes. Read test results.

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