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Runthrough NS Wire Floppy


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Name: Runthrough NS Wire Floppy

Model no: RWF-068

Type: Guidewire

Diameter: 0.014"

Length: 150/180/300cm

RUNTHROUGH NS Extra Floppy is the universal all-in-one wire with easy accessibility to daily and difficult lesions with a soft and atraumatic tip. Amazing tip durability enabling usage of a single wire for multiple vessel which is a result of Nitinol Core to tip design saving both money and time, M Coat technology balancing hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating with hydrophilic coating over the distal 24.8cm of the distal tip providing a calculated feedback for device delivery.

 What is a guidewire?

The guidewire is the device used to guide the catheter into a specific position during CVC insertions. Blood vessels are accessed using a guidewire with the help of a minimally invasive technique.

What is Runthrough NS Wire Floppy?

The RUNTHROUGH NS Extra Floppy is designed to be an all-in-one wire with a soft, atraumatic, low tip weight wire that can be used to access most daily and problematic lesions.


What are the features of Runthrough NS Wire Floppy Guidewire?

The features of Runthrough NS Wire Floppy are:

  • Nitinol Core to Tip design for excellent tip durability: This characteristic enables a single RUNTHROUGH wire to be used for multiple vessels potentially decreasing a facility's wire usage, saving both time and money.
  • Direct Joint Duo Core Technology is the newest and the most innovative technology enabling connection between two different metal characteristics. 1:1 torque response/steerability, push ability and trackability is provided by the seamless bonding
  • Balance of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic coating: "M-coat" technology hydrophilic coating over the distal 24.8cm of the distal tip enables smooth trackability in the tortuous anatomy while the silicone tip on the distal 2mm provides tactile feedback and system support for device delivery.

What sizes does Runthrough NS Wire Floppy come in?

Runthrough NS Wire Floppy comes in a diameter of 0.014” with lengths 150, 180 and 300cm.

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