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Turp Loop/Electrodes


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Model no: TCR-085


Cutting loop: U shape, V shape, single stem, double stem

Cold knife: single stem, double stem, half-moon

Cooling knife: single stem, double stem

Ball electrode: single stem, double stem


The Turp Loop/Electrodes are used for the purpose of cutting and coagulation during the procedure of TransUrethral Resection of Prostate. They are compatible with resectoscopes of Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Olympus (Monopolar and Bipolar). It is used in the removal of prostate tissue in the form of small chips. 


The following are the types of the Turp Loop/Electrodes:

  • Cutting Loop

  • Grooved roller electrode

  • Ball electrode

  • Collings Knife 

  • Cold Knife

  • Monopolar flexible Bugbee electrodes

  • Bipolar loops & Buttons

Adverse events

The following are the adverse effects of the Turp Loop/Electrodes: 

  • Temporary difficulty urinating

  • Urinary tract infection

  • Dry orgasm

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Difficulty holding urine

  • Low sodium in the blood

  • Need for re-treatment

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