Arthritis is Ageing Bones and Joints Medications Are Available

This World Arthritis Day October 12, 2022 let us be more considerate towards people who suffer from Arthritis and feel their pain. There is no complete cure available for Arthritis in the market. It is just that with proper medicines and care they can keep their joints in working conditions. There are a number of people who have fallen into the trap of getting their knee replaced for beating Arthritis only finding themselves in more problems as a result.

To survive with Arthritis, you need to know what Arthritis actually is and how you can lead your life smoothly despite the Arthritis you suffer from. This World Arthritis Day lets be more aware about Arthritis.   

Swelling of an affected area is one of the symptoms of Arthritis along with pain and redness all together comprising Arthritis symptoms. 

Arthritis in sportspersons?

Pain in the joints of a body part for overuse of that part. Sportspersons use different parts of the body in different sports when they are young. Can they suffer from arthritis after a particular point of time in life or when they reach old age?

Overuse of body part can lead to Arthritis

A common person belonging to the category of senior citizens overexerting oneself, taking into use a particular part of the body more than required after a certain point of time may complain about pain in that body part. This is what is called Arthritis in elderly people in which pain refuses to go away in addition to swelling, redness of the affected body part.

Complaining bones

When we talk about Arthritis it is just knee pain which comes to our mind. However, it can be more than that and may affect any body part having two adjoining bones.

Two bones missing that glue

The adjoined bones becoming weak in connection which they share with each other is Arthritis. Missing that spark in your life we get to hear this as a saying quite often. It is the same thing with two bones missing that glue which kept them together the whole life but after a particular point of time gives the hint of giving up.

Lack of Vitamin D can lead to Arthritis?

Arthritis as pain in the joints or bones as we call it is may be due to lack of Vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D for calcium or bones in our body which in its absence suffer. Bones are made up of calcium plus needs calcium, a calcium-rich diet for their smooth functioning. Having bones or calcium in our body but not getting the required amount of Vitamin D may only lead to calcium present in the body going waste. However, it is advised, taking sunlight for the body becomes more important in the case of elderly people, who minimise their outings in the sun and prefer staying indoors.

Overactive immune system may lead to Arthritis!

Arthritis is associated with an overactive immune system. It is not necessary that if your body is immune to diseases your bones, joints would also be strong. On the contrary an overactive immune system can eat away bone care, attention which needs to be given to the bones in the body, nutrition which they require. An overactive immune system protecting an elder person from diseases but not from the lingering problem of Arthritis.

Affects women more - Arthritis?

It happens in women with age their bones become weak making them suffer from Osteoporosis in cases, along with brittle bones also Arthritis. Obesity is another reason for Arthritis in people which makes it difficult for Vitamin D or sunlight to penetrate deep into the skin and activate calcium levels in the body for effective functioning of the bones. Arthritis affects women more compared to men.

Women suffering more the problem of Arthritis compared to men can also suffer more of these: 

Inflammatory arthritis - is stiffness and pain in more than one joint of the body. Affects a person during morning hours and refuses to go away quickly. Inflammatory arthritis is of different types one amongst them is Rheumatoid arthritis and in most of the cases may demand replacement of joints.

1. Arthritis of the knee

 2. arthritis of the elbow

 3. arthritis of shoulder joints   

You may experience pain, discomfort in any of these joints. To know if it is actually Arthritis only a doctor, medical expert can help you in this. In addition to advising you the correct course of action, cure and arthritis treatment you should follow. A doctor may not advise you to go for replacement of the joint knee most heard about to the farthest possible.

Doctors may advise you the following medicines available for Arthritis in the market based on your body type and warn you against not using them on your own:

Tofajak or tofacitinib 5mg is a tablet for those suffering from Arthritis. Tofajak is advised for those above 18 years for reducing swelling of the affected area in the body. Warning: Tofajak is not for the use of under 18 people.

Baricitinib or baricitinib 4mg is a tablet in use in the market for those suffering from Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis. Amongst uses of Baricitinib for Arthritis, it is specifically used for avoiding a particular enzyme coming in contact with a paining joint in the body.

To know more about Tofajak or Tofacitinib 5mg, Baricitinib or Baricitinib 4mg contact Magicine Pharma for their price and other details.

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