Lung Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment

Fight against TB important tool in the fight against lung cancer 

What Is Lung Cancer?

Lung or lungs showing problems due to disturbance in cells in it can be described as lung cancer. Lungs serve the purpose of purification of air which we breathe in this way, not letting polluted air get into the bloodstream and the blood further moving around in the body, to its organs and other parts.  

What Are the Risk Factors for Lung Cancer?

Polluted air we breathe in could be one of the most important causes, risks for lung cancer. Air pollution adds to its woes, the habit of smoking in people chain smokers, who put their lungs in the harm’s way of lung cancer.  

What Are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?

Tuberculosis as a global disease affects first and foremost the lungs in the body. For someone suffering from TB if proper care, medication are not taken may result in lung cancer.

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Lung Cancer?

Avoiding smoking both active smoking and passive smoking can go a long way in avoiding, reducing chances of lung cancer. What is worth noting here is that people who don’t smoke themselves but stay in the company of other smokers, put their health, lungs at risk of suffering from lung cancer.

Who Should Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

Smokers and chain smokers, those suffering from TB should be screened for likely suffering from the risk of lung cancer.

How Is Lung Cancer Diagnosed and Treated?

First sign in the direction of problems with lungs is breathlessness. Exhausted it may take a person a bit longer suffering from problems in the lungs to get normal compared to another person with healthy lungs.

Breathlessness is a condition under which lungs take more than required time to purify the air taken in by the body and supply it to the blood and different organs and parts. Breathlessness in cases can lead to choking and in severe instances death.

Breathlessness becomes the first sign under which lung cancer or problems with lungs can be diagnosed and the requirement for it being dealt with and treated.

Breathlessness can occur in any season considering the pollution levels most specifically during winters described as coming with the problem of smog. It is advised to wear face masks during winters to avoid the problem of breathlessness, putting pressure on the lungs sometimes coming with adverse effects in the form of lung cancer.

Similar to any other cancer, lung cancer can show its effect on the overall health of an individual and it becomes essential for one to consult a doctor. If a doctor finds the individual suffering from lung cancer next comes Radiation therapy: under which exact position of the affected cells in the lungs are found out including their status which means cells showing the danger of spreading in other parts, organs of the body need to be destroyed keeping in view the wellbeing, welfare of the human health.

Chemotherapy is the use of hard drugs for treating cancer cells in the lungs.

It is in extreme cases that the lungs affected by cancer, destroyed, need to be replaced by healthy lungs in the body.

Living with Lung Cancer

With proper medication, care and protection someone suffering from lung cancer can live one’s life and go about one’s day to day normal functioning. TB till sometime ago was considered non curable in which people suffering from the disease hid it from public knowledge fearing ridicule, criticism and boycott.

Changes are on the horizon and the stigma attached with TB has gone down resultantly coming with appropriate medication for TB patients helping them live longer lives. India under the present government promises to be totally free of TB by 2025. 

Lung Cancer Among People Who Never Smoked

Passive smoking affects people hard and more in numbers affected people when it comes to their suffering from lung cancer in comparison to those into smoking. It is good not to smoke but even better to remain away from smoke and the company of smokers.

Lung Cancer Information for Health Care Providers

For health care providers attending to patients of lung cancer there is no need to worry for their own health but just take a few necessary steps to avoid the danger of the disease which it shows.

Wearing facemasks and other protective gear becomes necessary for health care professionals into serving those with lung cancer.

In addition to maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene, that is washing hands properly after attending to lung cancer patients to prevent the disease from spreading in close and extended quarters.

Attending and treating lung cancer patients is one thing. Prevention is better than cure on this line, it would be much better if people are kept away from lung cancer and its effects. For healthcare providers it becomes necessary to spread awareness about lung cancer, safety, precaution which needs to be adopted etc. Healthcare advice, guidelines, companies go a long way when it comes to community health in a country. 

How Communities Can Help People Lower Their Lung Cancer Risk

There are NGOs in countries working towards TB, spreading awareness about it in the masses, safety, and precautionary steps which need to be taken in this direction.

People living in close proximity with each other, in slum, cluster areas increases their chances of suffering from respiratory issues which means someone suffering from problems of lungs, lung disease or lung cancer can spread quickly in others. Different countries and their NGOs stress on keeping at the forefront wellbeing of people living in non-posh areas, in very close proximity with each other in the direction of TB, awareness of lung diseases in them and required treatment and medication.

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Paclitaxel injection is for the treatment of lung cancer. Paclitaxel may help in the direction of stopping growth of cancer cells outside the lungs in different organs, parts of the body substantiating their gone up in numbers. Paclitaxel injection avoids cells affected by cancer, deteriorating in conditions further. For more information on Paclitaxel, price and other information contact Magicine Pharma.