Breast Cancer Awareness First And Foremost Medication Is Available

Breast cancer. What comes to mind on hearing this? Most answers to this are surely going to be women. The fairer sex suffers from breast cancer not just in India but all over the world. Cancer as the starting alphabet of the word itself suggests starts from C so cancer is nothing else but sickness of human cells in a body. Cells getting weak due to some reason or the other showing mismatch with the body clock. Cells have their fixed responsibilities in the body.

White or the white blood cells are associated with body immunity.

Red blood cells are responsible for formation of blood in the body. Flow of new blood which is directly associated with human health. Human health means all organs working to the best of their abilities and respective functions. Blood flows around in the body, also passing through human organs. So, blood here is the messenger which carries oxygen in the body and to its organs making them stay fit and fine and work effectively and efficiently.

What happens if cells stop forming in the body?

May only result in Anemia and short supply of oxygen in it can make one suffer from breathlessness and in some cases can even lead to choking. Asthma, people who are asthmatic suffer from the problem of not able to breathe properly, can be due to lack of red blood cells or blood reaching them required for the purpose. Asthmatic people mostly suffer in seasonal changes directly focusses on change in season affecting production of blood, red blood cells in the body. Thus, it becomes important for them to take care of their health especially when they are standing at the threshold of the change in season which can be through taking in a rich-diet in addition to health supplements. Not just in asthma, asthmatic people but normally also it is advised for people to take care of themselves during changing seasons.

Do human breasts breathe?

Why we talked about the human breathing process here is due to each organ which is there in our body has got life to them which means they may be into the process of breathing. The same is the case with human breasts. When they are not able to breathe properly or show some other deformity may be described as their suffering from cancer or the cancer of the breasts as well call it.

Cancer of the breasts there are ways available in the medical field through which it can be detected before trying curing it. However, it is up to someone suffering from cancer in addition to doctor attending to one who together zero in on the treatment which would be suitable in a particular case both financially and taking into consideration physical nature of the human body.

Radiation: is the process of detecting affected cells in the body, which part of the body they are located in, their condition if they can be saved or not? Fine if they can be saved if not destroying them for the wellbeing of the body, other parts for the same cancer cells can spread in other body parts substantiating their gone up in numbers in addition to the main affected area.

Chemotherapy: is cure of cancer through administering hard drugs to an affected person. The only problem is that hard drugs and their effect may be felt in the body as the nature of medicines in it already says in a hard way.

Surgery: is the last resort here towards cancer in which the affected organ is removed from the body as a precautionary step towards the rest or should say the complete body. It happens in the case of breast cancer in a number of instances that the affected breast is removed to protect the other non-affected one or for saving total human life in a bigger perspective when both the breasts are suffering from cancer.

Breasts make a woman a woman. Are essential organs of one’s body, physical attributes playing a major role in her beauty, beauty quotient on which one is judged on, speaking in societal context. A woman having no breasts or amputated due to some reason breast cancer here, may only take away her right of being called a woman living in a man’s world.

However, it is not just that breast cancer makes women suffer but men too can equally face the disease which falls in the category of being deadly can also prove the same if showed carelessness, negligence towards. What if men and their breasts are removed for saving their lives, would it take away the right from them of their being called men? May be no then why the discrimination with women? It could be due to a woman and her breasts supporting, bringing up a human life through their lactating properties and duties which are godly not possible for a man, can also be referred to as the complete menfolk and the like.

Prevention is better than cure, we always hear this. It is best to keep breast cancer at bay as far as possible and if at all got affected by cancer of the breasts to take the right medication.

For preventing breast cancer it becomes important that we should have breast cancer awareness or what is actually the cancer of the breasts. How can we keep the danger of breast cancer away from us? The answer to this starts with taking care of our health which is the first and foremost step towards prevention of breast cancer in addition to going for regular body check-ups which including every body part, organs their functioning can also bring to the fore if someone is suffering from breast cancer.

Lump felt in breasts is the first detection which one can come across at individual level in the direction of something wrong with one’s breasts and having the chances of suffering from breast cancer which can be established only after doctor consultation and one’s advice, suggestion in this regard.

Other breast cancer symptoms may include:

pain in nipples

redness of skin in and around breasts

itching as a problem and other ones

It is only after it has been medically established the fact of someone suffering from cancer that treatment and cure start towards it which also includes administering one either cancer medicines and injections.

In the list of injections first comes fulvestrant injection. Fulvestrant injection is used in the case of postmenopousal woman suffering from cancer to stop the spread of cancer cells in other parts of the body. Use of the fulvestrant injection is advised by a doctor after checking the medical history of the patient for affected cells coming in contact with estrogen in the body. 

Letrozole 2.5mg or letrozole tablet is for cancer in postmenopousal women. Letrozole 2.5mg or letrozole tablet avoids cancer cells in postmenopousal women coming in contact with estrogen for minimising its effect on the breast cancer cells in the body showing the threat of increasing in numbers or getting further disintegrated.

Letrozole tablet is also sold in the market with the brand name Femara. Femara tablet or letrozole is for use in postmenopousal women suffering from breast cancer. Femara works towards not letting breast cancer cells come in contact with estrogen. Breast cancer has the chance of getting enhanced when it comes in contact with estrogen. Femara stops the effect of estrogen on breast cancer cells in a postmenopousal woman.

Any breast cancer injection or medicine requires advice from a doctor. Breast cancer medicines, injections are not for personal use. Breast cancer medicines, injections can have side effects in the body.