Terms & Conditions

“Terms and Conditions” is a legitimate agreement between you (also referred to as Customer or User) and www.magicinepharma.com (also referred to as magicinepharma.com or website). Any amendment in the privacy policy can be made with/without notifying the customers. Also, the revision of minimum order value can be made at any point in time. Please read the Terms and Conditions below, along with the terms of Privacy Policy before accessing our website, www.magicinepharma.com.

 1. Products 

The products we sell are not manufactured under our supervision. 

2. Professional standards

The process of rendering is undertaken under the strict supervision of highly qualified pharmacists, who are bound by the codes of professional ethics and conduct.

3. Communication

For sending updates and other notifications, magicinepharma.com may contact you via email, texts, calls or any other form of messaging. By using the website, it is deemed that you have given consent for communication. 

4. Security and access to information

The information collected by the Customers will remain secure and will not be transferred or used for any unfair activity. It will be used only for the purpose of serving the Customers, and for making the Customer’s experience contented. By providing any information to us, it is deemed that you have read the terms of our Privacy Policy carefully.  

6. Content on the website

The content on www.magicinepharma.com is not an alternative to any professional’s prescription. Please read the disclaimer carefully.

Also, you agree not to:

  • copy, store (in any format), transmit, manipulate or create derivatives from any part(s) of the content on our website;

  • use www.magicinepharma.com for any unethical purpose, any kind of commercial exploitation and any purpose that may give an undesirable impression of our website;

  • decompile or reverse engineer any of the software or other materials provided on the website;

  • encourage others to do any of the above;

  • publicly criticize or defame www.magicinepharma.com and any of its employees.

7. Ownership of our content

The content (including pictures, videos) on our website (www.magicinepharma.com) solely belongs to us. Please read the disclaimer for the “accountability factor” with respect to our content.  

8. Plagiarism prohibited 

We do not provide rights to anybody for copying, manipulating and presenting our content on any other platform.

9. Third-Party Information

Our website, magicinepharma.com is not responsible for the content of the links provided in our website or the content of the links provided in the linked website. Links are provided for making the website more user-friendly, and not for any other purpose.

10. Monitoring of Customer’s activity

We monitor the Customer’s activity to:

  • be aware of frauds;

  • customize our website according to the Customer’s preferences.

12. Liability  

In no event shall magicinepharma.com and its employees be liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental damage.

13. Denial or termination of access

In cases, where magicinepharma.com detects any kind of misuse or unethical activity with respect to our platform, we shall deny access to the associated user with/without any prior notification.

14. Amendments

Before or after initiating amendments in this policy, www.magicinepharma.com shall not notify you about the same. Please make sure to read the terms and policies periodically.