Privacy Policy

1. Confidentiality 

 1.1 We (also referred to as www.magicinepharma.com or magicinepharma.com) are devoted to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of any information received by you. We strictly adhere to the requirements of data protection laws established in India. Our privacy policy is published in accordance with 

1.2 The sole purpose of this policy is to explain what personal information we collect from your visit(s) to our Website, and how we protect the information provided by you when you use our Website. Magicinepharma.com assures you that we will use such information precisely and carefully, in accordance with this privacy policy statement. This Privacy Policy is effective from Jan 2021

2. Consent by Customers 

2.1 Whenever you submit any kind of information to Magicinepharma.com, or you use products and services offered by us, you agree to be obligated by the Privacy Policy's terms.  

2.2 We may need to communicate about order transaction details and other notifications through emails, calls, texts, and other forms of messaging.  

2.3 Further in future, Magicinepharma.com may request some optional information and feedback from the customers in order to customize the website.  

2.4 You must provide up-to-date Personal Information to us, thereby granting us permission to contact you for further updates about your order at Magicinepharma.com. Magicinepharma.com is not responsible for any inaccurate information provided by you, which might affect your experience on www.magicinepharma.com. 

3. Information we collect 

3.1 Magicinepharma.com doesn't collect any personally identified information of our customers. We ask you to provide us with your: 

   Email Address
   Phone Number

3.2 We may receive your device's technical information, during your visit to Magicinepharma.com because of the communication protocol settings on the Internet. 

3.3 We may collect information regarding the pages you view and the time you spend on particular pages. This information helps us analyze the preferences of the Customers, to customize our services. 

4. Use of the information collected from you 

4.1 Magicinepharma.com will collect and preserve the information provided by you only to fulfill our services to you. Any information provided by you or collected by us will be used for the following purposes ONLY: 

  • To initiate our commitment to our products and services; 
  • To improve the functionality of Magicinepharma.com; 
  • To make the website's content accessible to you; 
  • To take productive feedbacks from the Customers; 
  • To verify the identity of Customers, thereby avoiding frauds. 

5. Access to the Customer's information

The personal information of our customers is accessed by certain employees of Magicinepharma.com for initiating the procedures. Also, all such employees are bound to confidentiality commitment. 

6. Cookies ‚Äč 

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the user's computer by the web browser while accessing a website. Magicinephama.com uses cookies to scrutinise data about the web page traffic as it helps us to save the Customer’s choices for the website's customization. Customers are asked to either accept or decline cookies. By not accepting cookies, you may not be able to use the website to its fullest proficiency. 

7. Additional note for the user 

Magicinepharma.com ensures that the personal information of the customers will remain secure with us. Also, it will be protected by any unauthorized disclosure or manipulation/modification. Therefore, we guarantee to eliminate any possible risk factor in terms of confidentiality and security.  

8. Contact information 

If you have any query related to the Privacy Policy terms, please contact ruchika@magicinepharma.com or call +91 9319113130.