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CIC Catheter


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Model No: CCR-015

Name: CIC catheter

Material: Silicone

Type: Intermittent catheters

Size(Fr): 12, 14, 16, 18

Usage: Method of draining urine via catheter

Product Description

CIC (Clean Intermittent Catheterisation) catheter is a medical device that helps in draining urine by inserting a catheter into the urethra. After finishing the draining procedure the catheter is removed. This is a vital method to preserve kidney health by reducing bladder pressure and it also helps in reducing the risk of UTIs (urinary tract infection).

The act of draining urine involves inserting a thin tube into the bladder through the urethra. The urine drains out with the help of a catheter (a thin hollow tube) into a container. After this, the catheter should be removed. In CIC, every word stands with a meaning like C (Clean: germ-free), I (Intermittent: schedule many times a day), and C (Catheterization: using a thin tube). To provide comfortable and easy advancement this catheter is made up of soft silicone, which is firm enough for easy insertion. 

Adverse events 

The following are the adverse effects of CIC (Clean Intermittent Catheterization) Catheter: 

  1. Bladder infection 

  2. Perforation 

  3. Spasms 

  4. Kidney infection 

  5. Urethral scarring and strictures

  6. Urinary tract infection 

  7. Painful urination 

  8. Skin rash

  9. Painful cramps and sores

  10. Unexpected leaking of urine

  11. Fever

  12. Pelvic pain 


A CIC (Clean Intermittent Catheterization) Catheter is not intended for use in the following cases: 

  • Low bladder volume or compliance 

  • Pressure sores 

  • External infection in the urethra

  • Anatomical disorder

  • Function complications

  • Cognitive disorder 

  • Recurrent macrohematuria or urethrorrhagia

  • Severe urethral pain

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