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Disposable Mouth Guard


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Model No:DBG-024

Name: Disposable mouth guard

Material: Non-toxic, vinyl plastic

Usage: Protect teeth and gums

Manufacturer: Hospiline Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Product Description

This medical device protects your teeth, tongue, and gums from the traumas caused by teeth grinding or other injuries. The disposable mouthguard is a patented dental device for teeth against erosion due to bruxism, grinding, and clenching of the teeth. There are also custom-fitted mouthguards and other different types to protect from dental injuries. A disposable mouth guard can ease your symptoms caused by these activities and protect your teeth from more damage. Your healthcare provider will guide you about the set of instructions that need to be followed. If your teeth are unstable contact your physician for advice to avoid severe dental disorders.


  • Adult Self-retaining

  • Pediatric Self-retaining


  • Guards teeth against damage.

  • Prevents tooth and jaw pain.

  • Customized Guards are available. 

  • Get rid of headaches. 

  • Promotes a good night’s sleep. 


  • Getting Addicted

  • Improper Fit

  • Not Built for Long-Term Use 

  • Not Following Proper Instructions

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