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Medicine details 

Brand name - Ribasure 

Generic name - Ribavirin  

Manufacturer - Aprazer Healthcare Pvt  

Salt composition - Ribavirin 200mg 

Storage - Store at room temperature (10-30°C) 

Dosage form - Oral 

Strength - 200mg 

Packaging size - 140 capsules 

Packaging type - Bottle 

Indication - Used in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C virus. 

Intended patient - Unisex 

Active ingredient - Ribavirin 


Ribasure Capsule is an antiviral medicine. It is used in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Ribasure prevents the multiplication of viruses in human cells, thereby clearing the infection. 

Ribasure capsule is used for people who have not been treated with an interferon before. 


Pharmacotherapeutic group: Nucleosides and nucleotides (excl. reverse transcriptase inhibitors). 

Mechanism of Action: Ribavirin is a synthetic nucleoside analog that shows in vitro activity against some RNA and DNA viruses. The mechanism is unknown by which ribavirin exerts its effects against HCV. 

HCV RNA levels decline in a biphasic manner in responding patients with hepatitis C who have received treatment with 180 µg peginterferon alfa-2a. The first phase of decline occurs 24 to 36 hours after the first dose of peginterferon alfa-2a and is followed by the second phase of decline which continues over the next 4 to 16 weeks in patients who gain a sustained response. Ribavirin showed no significant effect on the initial viral kinetics over the first 4 to 6 weeks in patients treated with the combination of Ribavirin and pegylated interferon alfa-2a or interferon alfa. 

Oral formulations of ribavirin monotherapy have been investigated as therapy for chronic hepatitis C in several clinical trials. Results of such investigations stated that ribavirin monotherapy showed no effect on clearing hepatitis virus (HCV-RNA) or improving hepatic histology after 6 to 12 months of therapy and 6 months of follow-up. 

Study results in treatment-naive patients: Study (1121 patients treated) compared the efficacy of 48 weeks of treatment with peginterferon alfa-2a (180 µg once weekly) and Ribavirin (1000/1200 mg daily) with either peginterferon alfa-2a monotherapy or combination therapy with interferon-alfa-2b and ribavirin. The combination of peginterferon alfa-2a and Ribavirin was notably more efficacious than either the combination of interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin or peginterferon alfa-2a monotherapy. 

The therapeutic efficacy of interferon alfa-2a alone and in combination with oral ribavirin was compared in clinical trials in naive and deteriorated patients who had virologically, biochemically and histologically documented chronic hepatitis C. Six months after end of treatment sustained biochemical and virological response as well as histological improvement were viewed. 

A significant 10-fold increase (from 4% to 43%; p <0.01) in sustained virological and biochemical response was noted in relapsed patients (M23136; N=99). The favourable profile of the combination therapy was also reflected. In the combination and interferon monotherapy arms, respectively, the sustained response rates in patients with HCV genotype-1 were 28% versus 0% and with genotype non-1 were 58% versus 8%. In addition, the histological improvement favoured the combination therapy. Supportive favourable results from a published study in naive patients (N=40) were reported using interferon alfa-2a (3 MIU 3 times per week) with ribavirin. 

Usage of medicine 

Ribasure 200mg ( Ribavirin) is used in combination with other antiviral medicines in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C. Chronic hepatitis C infection can cause liver problems like scarring (cirrhosis), or liver cancer. Ribasure 200mg capsule ( Ribavirin) works to reduce the amount of hepatitis C virus in the body. 

Alternate brands 

  • Heptos 200mg capsule 

  • Rinhib 200mg capsule 

  • Ribavin 200mg capsule 

  • Rebetol 20g capsule 


Ribasure capsule should not be used if you have: 

  • Depression and anxiety 

  • Other liver problems 

  • Kidney problems  

  • Cardiac disease  

Side effects 

Common side effects 

  • Cough and vomit 

  • Upset stomach or constipation 

  • Diarrhea  

  • Heartburn  

  • Loss of appetite 

  • Weight loss 

  • Change in ability to taste food 

  • Dry mouth 

  • Difficulty in concentrating 

  • difficulty falling asleep 

  • Memory loss 

  • Rashes  

  • Dry or itchy skin 

  • Sweating  

  • Irregular or painful menstruation  

  • Muscle pain 

  • Hair loss 

Serious side effects  

  • Allergy  

  • Swelling on the face, throat, feet, ankles, legs or any other body part 

  • Hoarseness  

  • Difficulty in swallowing or breathing 

  • Stomach ache 

  • Bloody diarrhea 

  • Blood in stools 

  • Black stools 

  • Stomach bloating 

  • Confusion and tension 

  • Dark-colored urine 

  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes 

  • Unusual bleeding 

  • Vision changes 

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Thinking about hurting or killing yourself 

  • Changes in mood 

  • Worry 

  • Irritability 

  • Intolerance to extreme temperatures 


Take this medicine exactly as your healthcare provider prescribes. Do not chew, crush or break the capsule. 

Warning and precautions 

1. If you experience an allergic reaction, call your healthcare provider immediately. 

2. Please do not change your dose, unless instructed by your healthcare provider. 

3. Before beginning this medication, kindly ensure that your healthcare provider is aware of the following: 

  • If you are pregnant. 

  • If you are breastfeeding. 

  • If you have any allergies. 

  • If you have any other disorders or medical conditions. 

  • If you are using any supplements.

Ques-1 What is Ribasure? 

Ans-1 Ribasure is an antiviral medicine used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. 

Ques-2 How should I take Ribasure? 

Ans-2 Take Ribasure 200mg exactly as your healthcare provider tells you. 

Ques-3 What are the possible side effects of Ribasure? 

Ans-3 The common side effects are cough, vomit, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, dry mouth, difficulty concentrating, rash and dry skin. The serious side effects are hives, swelling of the face, difficulty swallowing or breathing, depression, mood changes, dark-colored urine, yellowing of the skin, excessive worry and bleeding. Please contact your healthcare provider if you experience these/any other symptoms.   

Ques-4 In what strength is it available? 

Ans-4 It is available in the strength of 200mg. 

Ques-5 What happens if I miss a dose? 

Ans-5 Please consult your healthcare provider. 

Ques-6 What should I avoid while consuming this medicine? 

Ans-6 Avoid consuming alcohol. Alcohol may worsen liver problems.  

Ques-7 What are self care tips? 

Ans-7 Take plenty of fluids. 

Ques-8 Can I take this medicine during pregnancy? 

Ans-8 Please consult your healthcare provider. 

Ques-9 Can I drive after taking this medicine? 

Ans-9 Ribavirin may make you drowsy or confused. Do not drive or operate machinery. 

Ques-10 What are the storage conditions? 

Ans-10 Store at room temperature (10-30°C). 

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