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Biliary Drainage Stent


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Name: Biliary Drainage Stent

Length: 5-15cm 

Usage: Drain bile ducts

Sizes: 3 – 12 Fr

Model No: BDS-07

Length: 5 – 15 cm

Product Description

Biliary drainage stenting is a procedure in which a small flexible tube is placed through the skin into the liver to drain extra bile. This is an extended technique with the permanent plastic or metal stent across the site of the bile duct blockage. It helps in keeping the narrow duct open without the need for a catheter. 

This medical equipment is helpful in performing various surgeries related to the bile duct including the removal of the stone and tumor. The placement of this effective medical device helps in relieving the bile obstruction and improving the quality of life of patients.


Q1. What is Biliary drainage stenting?

Ans. It is a procedure where a thin, hollow tube is placed to drain extra bile and it helps bile to flow more easily. This method is extended with the permanent plastic or metal stent across the site of the bile duct blockage.

Q2. What is the size of Biliary drainage stenting?

Ans. The available size of Biliary drainage stenting is 3 to 12 Fr.

Q3. Who performs this procedure?

Ans. The procedure of Biliary drainage stenting is performed by radiologists to minimize the risk and other complications. 

Q4. What is the length of Biliary drainage stenting?

Ans. The length of Biliary drainage stenting is 5cm to 15cm.  

Key Features

  • Smooth surface for less trauma to the tissue.

  • Highly radiopaque for better visualization.

  • Flap & Pigtail design for better retention. 


A Biliary Drainage Stent is not intended for use in the following cases:

  • Severe bleeding disorders 

  • Ascites 

Classification (Types of Biliary Drainage Stent)

  • Standard

  • Amsterdam

  • Straight

  • Single Pigtail

  • Double Pigtail

  • Pancreatic with single pigtail, straight tip

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