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Tecentriq 1200mg Injection (Atezolizumab)


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Brand name:- Tecentriq

Generic name:- Atezolizumab

Manufacturer:- Genetech

Dosage form:- Injection

Strength:- 1200mg/20ml

Composition:- Atezolizumab

Packaging:- 1vial

Indication:- Urothelial Carcinoma, Lung cancer 

Storage:- Store at room temperature. 


Tecentriq (Atezolizumab) injection is used in the treatment of certain types of cancer such as non-small cell lung cancer, urothelial carcinoma (a type of bladder and urinary tract cancer), and breast cancer. This medicine is given in the form of an injection by your doctor or nurse. Your doctor will decide the dosing schedule according to your medical condition and your response to the treatment. Do not take this medicine in the wrong way as it may lead to some severe side effects. Inform your medical advisor if you are using any other medications. 

Pharmacodynamics of Tecentriq (Atezolizumab)

Tecentriq 1200mg/20ml is a monoclonal antibody that binds to PD-L1 and blocks its interaction with both PD-1 and B7.1 receptors. This drug has a long duration of action as it usually has given every 3 to 4 weeks. This medicine should not be used in patients with immune-mediated pneumonitis, hepatitis. 

Side effect of Tecentriq Injection (Atezolizumab)

This medicine may cause some serious and unwanted side effects. Which requires immediate medical attention otherwise it can also lead to higher risk. Do not forget to discuss the risk and benefits of this medication with your doctor.

Common side effects 

  • Nausea 

  • Constipation 

  • Bladder pain 

  • Body pain 

  • Blurred vision 

  • Cough 

  • Fatigue 

  • Dizziness 

  • Headache 

  • Fever

  • Vomiting 

  • Diarrhea 

  • Runny nose 

  • Drowsiness 

  • Skin rash 

  • Bloody urine 

  • Itching 

  • Lower back pain 

  • Weakness 

  • Anxiety 

  • Chest pain 

  • Difficulty in swallowing. 

  • Trouble sleeping 

  • Bloating 

  • Indigestion 

  • Joint or muscle pain 

  • Loss of appetite 

  • Urinary tract infection 

  • Hair loss 

  • Difficulty in breathing 

  • Pale skin 

  • Rapid weight gain 

  • Irregular heartbeat 

  • Unusual bleeding 

Note- If any of these symptoms occur, please contact your doctor. 


Take this injection as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take this medicine in the wrong way and make sure to take this injection according to your dosing schedule. 

Missed dose 

  • This medication is given by your doctor or nurse. If you miss an appointment for a scheduled dose of this medicine, contact your doctor immediately. 


  • This medication is given by your doctor or nurse. In case of an overdose, your doctor will provide emergency medical treatment. 

Usage of Tecentriq (Atezolizumab)

Tecentriq (Atezolizumab) belongs to a monoclonal antibody that affects the action of the immune system. This medicine gives strength to the body’s immune system and helps your body fight cancer cells. This medication is used when the cancer cells have spread in other areas of the body, and cannot be removed by surgery. Take this medicine according to your medical advisor and do not self administer this injection.  Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any symptoms during treatment with this medicine. This medication may take some time to show results. Do not stop taking this medicine unless your medical advisor told you to do so. 


Before starting treatment with Tecentriq, please tell your doctor about your previous medical history. If you experience any symptoms while receiving this medicine do not ignore those symptoms because it may lead to a higher risk. 

  •  Contraception 

    • Use effective methods of contraception to prevent pregnancy while taking this medicine. 

  • Children and adolescents 

    • This medicine is not advisable for use in children and adolescents. 

Warnings for female 

  • Pregnancy 

    • Tecentriq shouldn’t be used by women who are pregnant. Atezolizumab may harm the baby. It is recommended that this medication should be avoided during pregnancy. 

  • Breastfeeding 

    • This medicine is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women unless it is necessary. Please consult your medical advisor before starting treatment with this medicine. 

General warning and precautions 

  • This medicine increases the risk of immune-related pneumonitis. 

  • Regular monitoring of liver function is required while receiving this medication. 

  • Patients with kidney disease should not take this medicine without taking permission from their doctor. 

  •  This medication may increase the risk of diarrhea. 


  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery. 

  • Not safe for pregnant women 

  • Do not self administer the dosage. 

  • May harm your liver 

  • Do not breastfeed 

Q1. What is Tecentriq 1200mg Injection (Atezolizumab)? 

Ans. Tecentriq Injection (Atezolizumab) belongs to a monoclonal antibody that affects the action of the immune system. This medicine gives strength to the body’s immune system and helps your body to fight cancer.

Q2. How does Tecentriq 1200mg Injection (Atezolizumab) work? 

Ans. It works by blocking the activity of a protein located on the T-cells (a type of white blood cells that regulate the functioning of the immune system). 

Q3. How is Tecentriq 1200mg Injection given? 

Ans. It is given as an infusion into a vein, usually once every 2 or 4 weeks. This injection must be given slowly, and the infusion can take up to 60 minutes to complete. 

Q4. What are the common side effects? 

Ans. Some common side effects are:- Nausea, bladder pain, blurred vision, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, weight gain, pale skin, bloating, itching, skin rash, anxiety. 

Q5. What should I avoid while receiving this medicine? 

Ans. Follow your doctor’s instructions about any restrictions.  

Q6. Tecentriq 1200mg Injection (Atezolizumab) is an immunotherapy drug? 

Ans. It is a type of immunotherapy drug called “immune checkpoint inhibitor”. It helps the body’s immune system to fight cancer. 

Q7. What happens if I miss a dose? 

Ans. If you miss an appointment for a scheduled dose of this medicine, contact your doctor immediately. 

Q8. In what strength is it available? 

Ans. This medicine is available in the strength of 1200mg/20ml.

Q9. What are the self-care tips? 

Ans. Maintain good nutrition and Keep yourself hydrated.  

Q10. Can I consume alcohol while taking this medicine? 

Ans. It is not known whether it is safe or not. Please consult your doctor before consuming alcohol. 

Q11. Can I drive after taking this medicine? 

Ans. This medicine may decrease your ability to drive or affect your vision. Do not drive if any symptoms occur. 

Q12. Can I take this medicine during pregnancy? 

Ans. This medicine is not recommended for pregnant women. 

Q13. Can I take this medicine during breastfeeding? 

Ans. This medicine is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women unless it is necessary.

Q14. What are the storage conditions? 

Ans. Store this medicine at room temperature.   


Interactions may change how your medication works and increase the risk for side effects. Don’t forget to disclose your previous medical history with your doctor. 

Medicine interaction 

  • Fingolimod 

  • Tofacitinib

  • Adalimumab 

  • Certolizumab

  • Enbrel 

  • Prednisone  

  • Baricitinib 

  • Golimumab 

Disease interaction

  • Liver disease 

  • Infections 

  • Endocrinopathy 

  • Kidney disease 

  • Colitis 

  • Neuropathy 

  • Pancreatitis 

Alcohol interaction

  • Interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please contact your medical advisor before consuming alcohol. 


  • Tecentriq injection is not recommended for use in patients with a known allergy to Atezolizumab. 

  • This medicine is contracted in patients with known hypersensitivity to Atezolizumab.

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