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Abirapro 250mg, 500mg Tablet


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Generic Name/Composition: Zytiga/Abiraterone Acetate 

Therapeutic classification: Anti-neoplastic  

Substitute Medicine: Arbitus, Zytiprost 

Medicinal Use of Abirapro 250mg tablet (Abiraterone) 

Abirapro is an anti-cancer drug. It is administered mainly for metastatic prostate cancer in men. It is an oral drug administered combined with prednisolone to patients not responding to any treatments. 

Mode of Action of Abirapro 250mg tablet (Abiraterone)  

Abiraterone, the key ingredient of the medicine Abirapro prevents the prostate cancer cells from metasizing. It prevents androgen (male hormone) production in man by inhibiting an enzyme (CYP17) which is responsible for the production of androgen. 

Alternate Brands

Safety Precautions for Abirapro 250mg tablet (Abiraterone)  

Serious side effects of Abirapro:  

  • Hypersensitivity 

  • Increased Blood Pressure 

  • Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia) or Pounding Heartbeat (Palpitations) 

  • Swelling of Ankles or Feet (Edema) 

  • Dizziness 

  • Decreased White blood cell count 

  • Increased Liver Enzymes 

  • Potassium Levels in Blood 

  • Lung Irritation (allergic alveolitis) 

  • Patchy skin/Pale skin tone 

  • Common side effects of Abirapro: 

  • Nausea or vomiting  

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Fatigue 

  • Urinary tract infection 

  • Reducing bone strength resulting in frequent fractures 

  • Diarrhea 

  • Increased cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia) and triglycerides 

  • Anemia 

  • Hypokalemia 

  • Upper abdominal pain 

  • Loss of appetite 

Note: Please refer a doctor immediately in case of any such side effects. Symptoms should not be ignored as it may lead to higher risks 

  • The side effects of the medicine make it necessary for regular checkups and monitoring by medical advisor. 

  • It is advised that the Abirapro be administered 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after your meal. Abirapro has adverse reactions to certain types of food resulting in serious side effects such as high blood pressure, muscle weakness, paralysis, and breathing difficulties. The medicine needs to be strictly administered on empty stomach on advisement from the doctor. 

  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited to patient undergoing administration of Abirapro 250mg.

Direction for Use of Abirapro 250mg tablet (Abiraterone)  

  • Use as prescribed by the physician 

  • Do not consume more than 4 tablets of Abirapro (1000mg) in 1 day 

  • Abirapro to be administered orally only in whole 

  • Medicine to be strictly administered on empty stomach 

  • In case of overdose or missed dose, doctor should be referred immediately. 

Warning use of Abirapro 250mg tablet (Abiraterone) 

  1. Store Abirapro at room temperature 15-25ºC (59-77°F). 

  2. Not advised for patients suffering from hepatic impairment, cardiovascular disease, and kidney problems. 

  3. Not recommended for use in pediatric patients or females. 

  4. Abirapro can cause fetal harm, effective contraception methods must be used by patient under the administration for prevention of transfer of medication through bodily fluids.  

Do not donate sperm during administration of the medicine. Refer a doctor before donation.

Ques: What is Abirapro 250mg tablet? 

Ans: Abirapro is an anti-cancer hormonal treatment drug. It is not administered for curing cancer but enables prolonging and improving life by curbing the spread of cancer in male patients suffering from prostate cancer.  

Ques: Abirapro is available in how many strengths? 

Ans: The medicine Abirapro comes in a strength of 250mg and 500mg. 

Ques: How should I take Abirapro 250mg tablet? 


  • Abirapro should be strictly taken as per your prescription from your doctor treating you with the specific cancer.  

  • It is advisable not to change and/or stop your dose without prior discussion/suggestion of your doctor. 

  • Abirapro should be taken on empty stomach. 

  • Consume the whole tablet. Do not crush, chew or dissolve the medicine.  

  • In case of grave side effects refer your doctor or visit the hospital emergency immediately. 

Ques: What are necessary precautions to be followed while administration of Abirapro? 

Ans: Abirapro may cause side effects and/or use impacts if administered with other medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Before starting Abirapro, your doctor should be completely aware of your medical history, previous ongoing treatments and prescriptions. Specific precautions that need to be taken: 

For Males  

  • Who are with female partners who are pregnant or so plan should use effective birth control (contraception) during treatment. Transfer of medicine through bodily fluids can leave an irreparable damage to the fetus.  

  • Avoid sperm donation during the treatment. Donation should only be made with prior consultation by the doctor. 

For Females  

  • Having male counterparts consuming Abirapro planning to be pregnant should use effective birth control (contraception) during the treatment period. 

  • Who are breastfeeding should take necessary precautions. The medicine is highly toxic for the baby and has shown significant harmful effects in their development. 

Ques: Before starting treatment with Abirapro do I need to disclose my pre-existing medical conditions to the doctor? 

Ans: Yes. It is recommended that complete medical history be disclosed to your physician before starting treatment with Abirapro. An alternate medication is likewise recommended. Further, you need to necessarily disclose to your physician if you have: 

  • Hepatic impairment; 

  • Any cardiovascular disease;  

  • Lung or breathing problems;  

  • Kidney problems; or  

  • Blood pressure problems. 

Ques: What are the common side effects of Abirapro 250mg tablet? 

Ans: The most common side effects are: 

  • Nausea or vomiting  

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Fatigue 

  • Urinary tract infection 

  • Reducing bone strength resulting in frequent fractures 

  • Diarrhea 

  • Increased cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia) and triglycerides 

  • Anemia 

  • Hypokalemia 

  • Upper abdominal pain 

  • Loss of appetite 

Persistence in any of the symptoms may lead to fatal side effects. Refer your doctor immediately if you suffer any such symptoms for alternate medicine or additional medication to curb them. 

Ques: Can I take Abirapro in any type of cancer? 

Ans: Abirapro is not a cancer treatment drug. It is a hormonal treatment to slow growth of prostate cancer in men.  

Specific studies to prove its efficiency/cure in any other type of cancer is yet not available. 

Ques: Can I take Abirapro without referring a doctor? 

Ans: No. Self-medication is strictly prohibited. Abirapro is known to have serious side effects. Prior consultation by a cancer specialist is strongly recommended. Also patients with pre-existing medical conditions need to disclose their medical history top their doctors before starting treatment with Abirapro.   

Ques: Can I consume alcohol while under treatment with Abirapro 250mg tablet? 

Ans: Consumption of alcohol during administration of Abirapro should be avoided. Though no studies support any reaction of the medicine with alcohol, doctor’s instructions should be sought before consumption.  

Ques: Can I take Abirapro on empty stomach? 

Ans: Yes. Abirapro is advised to be taken empty stomach to curb the side effects of the medicine when taken with food. Adverse effects such as a high blood pressure, muscle weakness, paralysis, and breathing difficulties are common symptoms noticed if medicine is taken along with food. Interval of 1 hour before meal and 2 hours after meal is advised for administration of the medicine.   

Ques: Is it common to have a low blood cell count during treatment with Abirapro 250mg tablet? 

Ans: Yes. Low blood cell count is a symptom. However, it is advisable to bring it to the notice of your physician. Persistent low blood cell count may lead to serious side effects. 

Ques: Is it important to get a regular blood cell count done up during treatment from Abirapro 250mg tablet? 

Ans: Yes. Usage of Abirapro often leads to low blood cell count. To continue taking the medicine during the treatment period, it is advisable to get a regular blood cell count done up. 

Ques: Why is prednisolone advised while under regular administration of Abirapro 250mg tablet? 

Ans: Administration of Abirapro leads to side effects such as high blood pressure, fluid retention (having too much water in your body), or having reduced levels of potassium in your blood. The risk of the side effects can be fatal. In order to counteract the side-effects of Abirapro, your doctor advises prednisolone. 

Ques: Is it common to have swelling in feet or around ankles while administration of Abirapro? 

Ans: Swelling of feet and ankles is a serious side-effect to the medicine. Immediate referral of a doctor is advised to curb additional effects. Self-medication to overcome symptoms is strictly prohibited.  

Ques: Is Abirapro safe to be used for treating cancer in pediatric patients or females? 

Ans: Abirapro is a hormonal treatment drug administered to males only undergoing treatment of prostate cancer. No definite study supports the use of Abirapro in pediatric patients or females for any other type of cancer.  

Ques: Does the consumption of Abirapro have any sexual effects? 

Ans: Yes. Reduced sex drive (libido) is a common medicinal side effect noticed due to the presence of the compound Abiraterone.

Drug Interactions of Abirapro 250mg tablet (Abiraterone) 

  • Prescription needs to be disclosed to your health provider before starting Abirapro, certain medicine administered with Abirapro may cause serious side effects. Some of the known drug interactions that are advised to be taken care of: 

  • Carbamazepine 

  • Loperamide 

  • Tamoxifen 

  • Leflunomide 

  • Rifampicin 

  • Edoxaban 

  • Oxycodone 

  • Fosphenytoin 

  • Immediate advice from a doctor should be sought in case where the Abirapro has been taken with any of the drugs mentioned above. 

  • Patient suffering from Hepatic Impairment, Kidney Problems or Cardiovascular Diseases should strictly consult a doctor prior taking to Abirapro due to its severe reactions with drugs administered to such patients.  

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